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Are we doing this wrong?

More and more we're asking ourselves, how can we support the new generation of social entrepreneur.

The Gen Y's (and an increasing number of Gen Z's) are setting up businesses with a goal of making the world a better place. Environmental, community, health, whatever drives their passion also inspires them to be creative around how they can build a business model that is both financially sustainable and purpose focused.

We jump up and down, with all of our worldly experience and seek ways we can support them on these awesome journeys. We love what they're doing and we want to help.

Wanting to help isn't wrong and yes our experience can assist this new wave of entrepreneur. So we ask, can we help you?

I'm increasingly thinking that this isn't the way it should be. Is our unconscious ego hiding a better solution?

We're not the experts on the new way of doing business, they are. What if we turned things around and ask "will you help me?" 

The purposeful economy is coming and we're encouraging the change but not doing it ourselves. It's time the teachers became the students.

Instead of simply sharing what has worked in the past, why don't we work together exploring what could work in the future? Imagine the possibilities!

This approach will only work if us "oldies" take a leap of faith and let the new breed lead the way. Wisdom and maturity is still a vital part and we will help guide them but let's allow the next generation to show us what the future could be.

Are we doing this wrong? 

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