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Pondering Upon Purpose

I found myself musing business ‘purpose’ this morning. Being awake at 3:oo am leads to some interesting (or is that confusing) thinking. 

To borrow and ‘repurpose’ a phrase “you don’t choose a passion, a passion chooses you”. So many good people are out there helping organisations to identify and/clarify their purpose. To help people realise why they do, what they do – why they get up in the morning and go to work. 

Passion and purpose are generally seen as different but I wonder, are they the result of conscious decisions or something within your DNA? Perhaps it’s both? 

With purpose being such a growing philosophy, I just wonder how many of us are deriving a purpose from what we are already doing as opposed to doing what delivers our purpose. 

An optimist may have the view that we are arriving at our purpose, either consciously or sub-consciously, because of the passion and values within our DNA. 

A cynic might think we are deriving a purpose simply as a business strategy, not as an outcome for our authentic passion. 

The realist could say it’s probably both. 

What do you think?

For more of my thinking, please visit by blog - www.theoptimisticcynic.co.nz - it’s where I share my passion, a place where business and purpose collide. I'd love to see you there

Pondering Upon Purpose

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Sol Trickey

1 year ago #1

Thanks for sharing!

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